Power of the Fitness Mind

You can find true happiness when you obey the laws of gravity, physically, mentally and spiritually. Get started.  Transform your body and your life. Success is just a few heartbeats away! Learn how to manifest your universal strength & attraction through physical fitness. Create the ultimate mindset that helps you achieve results. Buy the book now!  


Elizabeth Train-Brown

Brings an entirely new perspective to the pursuit of personal fitness that will perfectly appeal to those who struggle with conventional fitness guides. Written by an expertly trained ex-Army captain, Power of the Fitness Mind excellently intertwines mind, body and spirit in a way never seen. An easy-to-follow read that both instructs and encourages you to reach your potential.

Natasha Collins

I love this book! It has really changed my way of thinking with fitness! I will use this book for motivation.

Linda James

I have come to learn a lot reading this fitness book! It talks about gravity and the power of attraction, and how fitness helps you apply those things in your life for prosperity.  My motivation to get fit has grown while reading this book. 
I can boldly say this is the best fitness book I have come across ever since I started engaging myself in fitness.  It inspires you with great quotes. I recommend this book to anyone having difficulty in fitness or having fear of doing what he desires in life.

Bronson Kahn

The Power of the Fitness Mind is an amazing book. It is one of the best books I have read on fitness in a long time. As soon as I got this book, I wasted no time in reading it. Not only does it connect body, mind, and spirit in a unique way, it also gives a real fact about how staying fit can help you avoid deadly diseases that plague the society. Honestly, I must say I am very impressed with the contents of this book. It is really an eye opener and a great source of motivation for anyone who wants to improve their personal fitness!!! 

Seth Rosen

Today it’s trendy to be fit, but still not many people dare to embark on this journey, either afraid to fail or not knowing where to start. A lot has been already said about becoming a fit and healthy human being, yet there are obstacles that millions of us face every day without the proper knowledge or techniques how to overcome them. This is where Charlie S. Dannelly II and his ‘Power of the Fitness Mind’ comes in. I’ve read a lot of books on personal growth and building a healthy and fit life, but this one seems to combine all the necessary knowledge one might need to change his life for the better.

Maureen McLernon


  • Charlie Dannelly, in his revolutionary book POWER of The FITNESS MIND, does something no other fitness book I've read has done. He connects body, mind and spirit and the affects that fitness has on them- to make us understand how life can improve if we just take the first step to getting physically fit. This is the best book I've read in a long time!!!
  • A must read!!
  • A real motivator!

Overcoming your mind is 90% of your fitness journey


Are you dreaming of getting that perfect, well chiseled body? 

Are you pulling your hair out every time you look at the scales, only to find the weight just hasn’t shifted? Have you tried workout gimmicks or expensive gym memberships which don’t seem to go anywhere whatsoever?

Or, are you physically fit but feel like something is missing from your life?

Well you don’t need to fret at all! It’s easy to be fooled into thinking it’s all about the numbers, cutting carbs and working out more. While there’s definitely some truth to that, the actual truth is far simpler than you think.

While we confess, adding an extra ten minutes on the treadmill can make a HUGE difference to the amount of calories you burn, throwing yourself pessimistically onto that machine and reluctantly powering through the last of your work day strength to finish that mile before going out with your friends just isn’t going to get you the results you so desperately need. 

So what’s the secret?


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